Damocorp is an amateur blog that talks about everything related to the creation of a browser game (code, games, good addresses etc ...)

Damocorp a browser game, but not only

I wondered how present Damocorp for a long time. Then after a lot of time, I told myself that answer at my own questions of players would be a good idea. Let's go.

What's Damocorp ?

Damocorp is a personal project that brings together everything I love to do. A blog that talks about everything that is related to the web browser games and also of my own web browser games based on my background ( I am still working ).

Damocorp is now in 3 languages. It's google translation !

Uh... No :)
To translate the website and the games, I first use my knowledge and google to get an idea, and I finally chose the best with a dictionary when I do not have the vocabulary. Yeah this is a hard job that will certainly rotten and funny translations. But the aim is to learn the language. And I think achieve this with this way of working.

I had always wanted to try creating a multilingual website. This is the perfect opportunity. This is a challenge in programming. The multilingual website change the organization code if you want something maintainable over time. It is always a good experience to take. I preferred to work with an homemade system that is very close to the php function Gettext. But only for the web browser games.

For the blog, I opted for a mixed translation between DB and an inclusion direct in the views. The blog approach the MVC structure but is not totally complies with this model. It is a personal choice, the MVC structure, after testing, just do not suit me.

You work into programming?

No. I've never worked in programming, but with time and passion, I formed me in javascript, CSS, PHP, HTML, SEO etc... Work alone on a web browser game requires many different skills.

After getting up one morning, for no reason, I decided to create a game. Yes, but how? And by ease, cost of software, I turned naturally to the web development booming at the time. After creating 13 web games, with only 2 were online, I decided to stay on Damocorp and make my unique project.

You're a guy artist! The design is beautiful!

Thank you very much. But I have nothing done. I'm pathetic at design, so I decided to invest in this subcontractor. If you want good pictures, unique and made to your request, I will strongly the author : Antoyz.

If your situation is similar to mine. Ask yourself how much money you invest in your recreations: drinks, sports equipment etc... And you soon realize that the price is not that expensive. Antyoz still very affordable compared to the market. Do quote and you'll quickly fixed.

Antyoz specializes in computer graphics for web browsers games, illustrations, logo, web design etc... Visit his site. You can even discover other good web games.

Website only in french.

Antyoz : infographiste, illustrations, logos and web design.

You work alone? litlle liar!

I work alone, but over time I learned to surround myself with really friendly people. Always willing to help. I can only thank Prélude, the author of this site:

Website only in french.

Blog Prelude: web games, online games, games altenatifs

He have helped me, by his articles, by the Prelude radio and our skype conversations. I invite you to visit his websites carefully. They are full of essential informations that you come out of a bad implementation or allow you to make a good game.

Not to mention all forums, chats and IRC (specially developpez.com) where you will meet lots of people ready to help you.

What's the theme of Damocorp ?

Damocorp is based on the space theme. But it will not be limited only to this theme in the future. At the time I write these lines, Spacewar is online and will surely be deleted and replaced by HTML5 games. The game is too old, bad coded to keep online.
The first HTML5 game will Expansion where I work now and will replace Space War.

But others are already in progress. I'd like to make a small survival game based on the story of a pilot who crash on a planet with many others during the war of Expansion. I also work on an oriented trade and financial space game. In short, there's enough to work.

I have questions !

And I do not necessarily have the answers. But if your questions are relevant, I will add them here.
Use contact page of comments.