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Must admit that 24 hours it is not enough in a day ...

When I was young I wanted to be big to do all the things that I could not reach because of my young age. We all know that, no ? And now I dream become young, to have as much free time as I had at the time. Because when you are big, we have to admit that this is the shit! Because the time has gone, and try to find it is a lost quest!

 We all would like to have more time

What do you do with Damocorp ?

Damocorp advance, mainly in the background. So nothing visible to you my friend! But what is built in the background, makes me valuable time during development, especially during the maintenance (or code review).

It advance! And improvements will soon be visible. Especially that 2015 looks better than 2014.

The Damocorp expansion news

Damocorp expansion will primarily be a very simple game. You harvest, you build, you fight.
But to make it all a little more difficult and especially it has a better lifetime, I prepare a xp system fleet. More you keep it longer en fight, the better it will be young padawan !
I count at least two levels of integration xp. One commander as you play, you can not lose (maybe, maybe not). And the xp fleets that will be lost if you lose your fleet. More it's twisted, better it will be !

Singleplayer or with alliance, I have not idea. It will start alone for sure, alliance are being considered at this time.

How works harvest in Expansion ?

The principle of capture wit Space War was not great. Must admit. There was a big lack of control of the territory. With this simple fight game, it was a simple system. So I opted for the click. You click, you harvest. Each asteroid will have its own wealth.

click on damocorp expansion will soon get drunk

Yes I know, it will quickly be repetitive. This is why it will be possible to invest in self-harvesting systems. First long to evolve, it will report what you keep a good evolution without breaking your ass. To keep a brake on the free resource generation, I would add an obligation to be connected. Otherwise, they will be lost, or may be pillar for example (but easier than your defending base !).

Why this click system? Well, actually, you know, when I phone, I'm bored. Most people love to scribble or draw, I prefer work my click skill :D
For the moment, I do not know yet if it will be possible to recover more asteroids simultaneously. Just because I'm still studying the issue. Maybe in purchasable with xp upgrades.

We can play it on phone and tablet?

Theoretically yes! Cool right? Collect while you're in transit, or when an incompetent teacher drunk you :D Then come back home, build and destroy your enemies just for fun!
But i'm not a big fan of using mobile phone, it will take time and returns to fix bugs. The old phones have a lot of problems with HTML5.

What is the story of four lives?

Yeah, you have to be more person in a day!

And you, how much life have you ?

Expansion was not planned for 2014?

Yes but I had too many problems in 2014 to move forward as I wanted. Lacking time to code, I take to improve my knowledge of languages with book. And the time remaining code is mainly based on the finalization of the blog and the structure for games.

In addition, I also lose time in the study of Unity ( C# and modified JS ). I would like to in the future make a small single-player game based on the Damocorp background. And let's be crazy, with time, why not in 3D?
I think first do my first experience with a survival game based on the RP of a pilot who crash on a planet in a space combat.

The solution to the lack of time!

Yeah. How about to forget 35H per week ? And switch to 48H days !
But seriously, would we have more time for all with that? I really think not.

I take this article for you wish a late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Happy New Year on Damocorp